Let the Little Children Come

Internet sensation, Titus Ashby who is 2 years old, has over 11 million views on his Youtube page for making incredible trick shots. But what happens when he has to do it against real NBA talent?

This video is awesome for so many things! First of all, a baby is on national television for shooting baskets! Second, a two-year old got to play against a future hall of fame member in Shaq! Titus has no idea who Shaq is or why there were hundreds of people clapping for him, but he does know that it makes him happy. You’ll see the smile on his face if you watch closely. 
For whatever reason, Shaq decided to come check out this kid and shoot hoops with him on national television. It’s important to always look out for the little people. Shaq could have easily ignored this kid, but by including him into his world for that brief moment in time, he made Titus feel good.
None of you are NBA stars, but I’m positive that you can make a difference in younger people’s lives just by giving them the time of day 🙂
Happy Sabbath! 

By David Robinson

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