Lessons in Defeat

The glorious side of sports is hoisting up that trophy at the end of the championship game, it’s hugs all around and maybe even some tears of joy. However, for every team that wins there has to be a team that loses.

Maybe you’ve even been on that side before. I certainly have. The thing I always learned about defeat though is to be a gracious loser. Never disrespect your competitor. Shake their hand, dap them up, pound fists, or whatever you do; just show them some respect. It’ll make you a stronger individual.

In a recent loss to the NBA’s Miami Heat, the Oklahoma City Thunder lost in a quick 5-game series. Adding insult to injury, the Thunder lost by over 20 points in the final game. Losing stinks, but I think that the Thunder’s head coach, Scott Brooks, gave a great speech to his team in the closing minutes of the game. Watch and listen:

By David Robinson

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