LeBron James is Coming Home

What’s it feel like to be a Cavaliers’ fan right now?

This week, the sports world held its collective breath as LeBron James decided where to go. I admit, I was interested knowing where James would end up, and finally, he made his decision; he went back to Ohio.

I found this a bit surprising because I thought that after the fans of Cleveland burned his jersey, called him names, and even threatened his family’s life, James would NEVER go back. In an article put out by ESPN via James today, James said that he made some mistakes and so did the city of Cleveland, and now they are moving past it.


That’s definitely the definition of turning the other cheek. Now that James is coming back to Cleveland though, everyone in the city loves him again. The people of the city are SO HAPPY to see him come back to the city. The reason being is because with James back in town, it give the people of the city something to believe in.

It just makes me think of how happy God’s people will be when He breaks through the clouds and returns to take us home. The excitement level will be more than 10 times that of the excitement level in Cleveland! Jesus coming back means that there will be no more crying, sickness, suffering, and best of all, no more dying. That will be the last day on Earth and I’m super excited about the TRUE King’s return 🙂

Happy Sabbath!

By David Robinson

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