John 16:13 – Let the Truth Guide You

John 16:13 is always relevant to this time of year because of graduations. And it also means many important life decisions are being made. So how do know what the right decision is?

Graduations, whether 8th grade, 12th grade, and even college, are usually a time of celebration. All the hard work for this term is now finished and the big questions is always, “What next?”

There will always be tough decisions to make, and if you’re anything like me, you want to make the best decision the first time around. John 16:13 has always helped me when trying to figure out the best thing to do. In the verse, it talks about how the Spirit of Truth will come to guide you. The hardest part about this process is recognizing when the Spirit of Truth comes.

To hear the Spirit of Truth, you have to listen for the still small voice. Often times, we see where the Spirit of Truth wants us to go and what it wants us to do, but we ignore it. We all have our reasons for why we don’t do the right thing, but if we want to succeed, we must do the right thing. There’s a quote out there that says, “Successful people consistently do what others do occasionally.”

To all the graduates out there, congratulations and good luck with your decisions!

By David Robinson

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