How Much Does Jeff Samardzija Love Baseball?

Not only does Jeff Samardzija have an awesome last name, but click the link to find out what he did to show his love for baseball.

Jeff Samardzija grew up in Valparaiso, IL, which is about an hour away from the Chicago White Sox baseball stadium. Recently, Jeff donated about 7,000 tickets to student in the Valparaiso Community School system so that they could attend a game this season! Pretty cool, right?

[As a kid, Samardzija did not get to attend a lot of White Sox games (Valparaiso is about an hour’s drive from Chicago), so when he did it was a special occasion. “I wanted to share that with the kids in my hometown,” said Samardzija, who is serious about sharing the game of baseball with as many kids as possible. “The more young kids that you get involved in enjoying the sport, the better hands the game will be in.”] – Sports Illustrated for Kids

What happened here is that it took one person, Jeff, to sacrifice something so that many could benefit. Can you think of someone else who did that? 😉 When things are done out of love, many people benefit from it. It’s almost like it’s a natural law of love. Try it out this week. Do something for someone purely out of love and let me know how it goes in the comment section.

By David Robinson

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