Jackie Robinson & Legacy

Besides being the first African-American to play Major League Baseball, Jackie Robinson’s legacy extends much further.

I think just about everyone and their mother knows that Jackie Robinson was the first African-American to play Major League Baseball, but what I want to highlight is the legacy that he left. Once people, white and black, saw Robinson was able to succeed in the position he was placed in, it helped change people’s perspectives on what black people could do. Over time, more and more teams in the MLB began hiring black players, and eventually, more minority players. 

I like to think that because of Robinson, blacks were not only considered for professional sports but also other positions in life like, teachers, doctors, and even the President of the United States! There’s no factual evidence that proves this, but I like to think that all it takes is one person’s example to spark an idea.

As Christians, we are encouraged not hide our “light,” but to let it shine. We never know the impact we can have on people who are watching us, and even the future! That’s why it’s so important to always be a witness for God. The things that we do now can greatly effect someone’s future. So the next time you’re JUST kicking a soccer ball around, or JUST dribbling a basketball, or even JUST running around some bases, know that you’re doing it in honor of God and His glory.

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” Jackie Robinson

Happy Sabbath!

By David Robinson

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