Isaiah 63:8-9 – Clay in the Potter’s Hands

This Reebok commercial is super motivational check it out.

It begins with the line “Between our first breath and our last, our lives are shaped by how we move.” This commercial then explores the experiences that mold and change us in our everyday life.  

The commercial basically acknowledges that throughout the ups and downs we encounter; we’re always changing. We can make a choice to learn from our mistakes, or be braver after we overcome an obstacle. We can become kinder to others, or just make any circumstance an opportunity to better ourselves. I’m sure no matter who you are, or where you live, life throw ups and downs at you. And, it’s your choice how you react to these circumstances that determines who you become.

In the Bible, God is often called the potter, and we are His clay. In fact, God often uses Christians as His vessels because we are carrying His message. Often times we may feel we are being broken down, but like the theme of the commercial, we can use all of these trials to be better. As Christians we should have faith that God is using our trials as a molding period making us a better. Isaiah 64:8-9 asks God to have favor on His people as He carefully molds their life. Let’s have this same spirit, and remember everything we encounter can make us a better version of ourselves

Isaiah 64:8-9

By David Robinson

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