Isaiah 55:9 – Brian Dawkins

Brian Dawkins has left the Philadelphia Eagles front office.

Brian wanted to move onto the next chaprter in his life, leaving football to be a philanthropist.

“The Lord is calling me to a new mission,” Brian said. “Calling me to provide hope to millions with the starting of my own company and nonprofit. Providing increase mentally, physically, and spiritually, for those ready and willing to stop settling for life, but to live life on purpose.” Brian is considered the greatest safety in Eagles history, and there was a time in his life he had goals of being in the Eagles front office; even become general manager.

“I’m not going to limit myself to anythong, but that’s definitely something that I can see potentially happening down the road at some point,” Brain said. “But right now, I’m learning and giving at the same time. I’m giving up myself and the things I’ve learned, the things that I’ve been able to be blessed to communicate with my teammates to help them become them. I’m trying to do those same things with my new teammates, being in the front office and those guys on the field.” We serve a mighty God that has given us a life that makes us different.

Remember that there’s a heavenly energy working in you; it doesn’t burn out, nor does it need refueling. The Holy Spirit is limitless and is the sources of all strength and lives in you. Refuse to be limited by your phsical ability.

Isaiah 55:9 reads: “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Your potential is limitless! The challenge this week is to assert this in your life. Remember that God’s power works in you to achieve results that are beyond human ability.

By David Robinson

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