I recently read an article about horse racing in the New York Times and it made me sad.


Apparently, horses were dying and getting injured at an alarming rate. When investigations began, they found out that the horses were racing too often and also being injected with pain-killers. What that means is that the owners were running the horses until they were exhausted, and then giving them medication to not feel exhausted. The body, whether human or animal, needs rest. The warning signs that the horses were showing went ignored and as a result, a lot of horses died.
I’m not a horse lover but it’s still sad to see anything being mistreated. I can’t help but ask; Why? Why would someone do something like this? The answer is money. People gamble on the horses and so if the horse they picks wins, they get a lot of money. The Bible wasn’t lying when It said that the love of money is the root of all evil. People would endanger the lives of horses all because they wanted more money.
As Christians we know that any material thing, including money and the things it gets you, won’t mean anything when we get to Heaven. That’s we’re to lay our treasures up in Heaven. It helps our minds to keep things in perspective and not succumb to evil things like this. Don’t let greed steal your thoughts, stay focused on what’s pure and right.

By David Robinson

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