Goodbye, Someday

I know I’m a little late, but after 108 years of disappointment, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series! Although the 108 year drought provided a great back story to every season, most people just wanted to see the Cubs breakthrough their losing streak and win.

In honor of the Cubs win, Nike made a commercial; a young kid wearing a Cubs jersey tossed a baseball to himself and ran around the bases, imaging that he was playing in an actual game.  As he rounded third base to home plate he celebrated like he, himself won the World Series tossing his ball cap in the air, and jumping up and down in sheer joy. The caption “Goodbye Someday” then appeared on the screen. 

Like Cubs fans who’ve been waiting for over a century to win the World Series, God has been waiting on us patiently, to follow his word. James 1:22 sums it up perfectly, let’s ‘Be Doers Of The Word’, and stop putting off what we know is right. Let’s walk in what’s right today, and say goodbye to someday. 

By David Robinson

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