Did you spot the two great examples of forgiveness in the sports world this week?



The first example of forgiveness comes from the Britt McHenry story. Britt is a reporter for ESPN. She was recently caught on video saying some very mean things to another person. Those mean words ended up getting her suspended from work for one week. However, the person who Britt was mean to said that she did not want to see Britt suspended or fired from her job as a result of what she said. 


If someone said mean things to me for doing my job, I would struggle just a little bit to forgive them. Just a little. 


The second story of forgiveness comes from the parents of Martin Richard, a boy killed in the Boston Marathon bombing. Many people want the death sentence for the man who planted the bombs, but the Martin Richard’s parents don’t want that at all. Instead, they have chosen to privately forgive the man so that their family can publicly move on. 

I’m even more surprised at this story than the first! What a big heart! Martin Richard’s parents are able to forgive the people responsible for killing their son. Reminds you of something, right? God forgave us for the terrible things we did to His Son and loves us all very much. 

If God can forgive us for our actions, can we do the same for others when they hurt us?


By David Robinson

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