Dos a Cero – Romans 6:6

The FIFA World Cup is set to be played in 2018 in Russia and once again, the USA looks to make its mark.

The US has recently begun its qualifying play and with FIFA qualifying play comes America’s great struggle to make a mark in the soccer world. The USA vs Mexico, and the streak of Dos a Cero. The USA Men’s Soccer team has won against Mexico 2-0 every four years dating back to 2001. Unfortunately this year, not only was the streak broken, the US lost to Mexico. Despite this defeat there was still unity among athletes that just battled it out, as they interlocked arms on the field of play after the match.

Both nations showed a great deal of sportsmanship. They were able to put the past behind them, and let go of their competitive nature to interlock arms with fellow athlete.

In Romans 6:6 Paul talks about letting go of our former selves. When we accept Jesus we are made new in Him, and we do not have to be slaves to out former sinful nature. Just as the athletes put a fierce competition and rivalry behind them, we too can put sin behind us when we accept Jesus. Being a part of Christianity helps us treat others as equals. Try taking Paul’s advice this week and put aside your differences to become a true part of the body of Christ.

By David Robinson

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