Dirty Play

This player gives a perfect example of how NOT to finish a game.

And with that final dunk, Bryce White, the player in green, faked the handshake and stole the ball instead. The final score? Purple 83, Green 71. That’s right, Bryce’s team lost by over 10 points even with the final dunk.

The trouble with plays like this is that it highlights the ugly side of sports. I struggled with even putting up the video because I don’t want to seem as if I’m somehow glorifying the play, but I gave in knowing that video is the best way to illustrate a message. If Bryce played lock-down defense until the buzzer sounded, then I don’t think that ruins the game, but the problem is that he faked the handshake. Now maybe he didn’t know that when a player on the opposing side is dribbling the ball and not trying to score, that this the time to surrender. 

I doubt it.

How else can you explain the fake handshake that resulted in a steal? I hope someone told Bryce how foolish and egotistic this play made him look. To all my fellow athletes out there, learn from Bryce’s mistake. Don’t let you ego get in the way of what really matters; the spirit of the game.


By David Robinson

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