Deena Kastor: Running the NYC Marathon

What does it take to run a marathon?


I read this pretty cool story on Sports Illustrated for Kids about Olympic medalist Deena Kastor. In it, she describes the things she has to do to prepare for a marathon. One of the things that she mentions is that she runs about 110 miles a day in preparation. 110 miles!

It just reminded me that there is no quick way to train for a marathon. It takes months and sometimes years of preparation to compete. What Deena shows is that it takes you have to put in the work day by day to accomplish your goal. 

As Christians, our goal is to tell as many people about Jesus as possible. It’s called “spreading the Gospel.” Look at this like a marathon. Sharing the gospel won’t be over quickly, it’s a long race that we are all on. Take your time with the daily routines like sharing a Bible verse, being kind to one another, and spending time in devotion. This will help you spread the Gospel better. Taking it day by day will allow you to set goals and accomplish them and will also strengthen your faith along the way. 

Until next week!

By David Robinson

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