Confessions of a Transgressor

Have you ever done something so bad that you didn’t want anyone to know?

Believe it or not, everyone who’s alive today has sinned. We’ve all done things that we don’t want people to know about. Things so bad that if people knew it about us, it would definitely change their opinion of us. While it may not be a good thing for everyone to know your sins, some people think that God shouldn’t know their sins either.

When I look at the examples of Adam & Eve and Ananias & Sapphira, I’m like, “When will we learn?” You can hide from everyone except God; because He knows EVERYTHING. The good thing is that God doesn’t hold anything against us. He’s waiting for us to talk to Him about our mistakes. Why? So He can help us make better ones and eventually help others make better decisions.

The next time you make a big mistake, tell God first. You’ll immediately start feeling better 🙂

By David Robinson

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