Coach David Belisle Gives an Awesome Little League World Series Speech

What a week in sports! It was hard picking just one thing to talk about this week, but I found a gem.

It’s been a great week in sports! The Little League World Series has been going on. At first I wasn’t really paying attention to it, but then Mo’ne Davis stepped on the scene and took America by storm. There’s a lot of hype surrounding her because of her accomplishments and her potential. She seems like a super cool person to hang around, so you should definitely read up on her, and you can even friend request her on instagram page. 

While Mo’ne is a spectacular person, I’m here to talk about a team that lost; the Cumberland Americans from Rhode Island. After a thrilling comeback win in their last game, the Cumberland Americans were ready to take on their next challenge. Unfortunately, they lost. Losing is a part of competing, but you have to understand what losing is before you can be a winner. Coach David Belisle expressed some words of encouragement to his team after their loss:

Again, losing is a part of competing. But if you remember to have fun and not get so bogged down with winning or losing, you will always have the best experiences at competing.

Happy Sabbath!

By David Robinson

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