Baby Cranes!

Did you know some people get paid to feed baby birds with puppets?

You see, when a baby whooping crane is born in captivity, it needs to be cared for by people. But since these babies imprint* on those who take care of them, the caregivers need to be careful that the babies always see them as birds not people. That way, when it is time to be released into the wild and migrate, the babies will know to follow the other whoopers.

So the caretakers hide from the babies whenever they come near their cages. At feeding time, they hide their human shape with big white suits and use a puppet that looks like a mother crane to feed the babies.
In a way, your parents are doing the same thing. They know that if you follow imperfect people, you’ll only get hurt. The only safe plan is for you to be imprinted on the Word of God.

Eat wisely of this food. It’s what will keep you safe when you leave the nest.

By Lori Futcher

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