Alex Rodriguez the Liar

Why did Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez lie about his career?


Back in the day, Alex Rodriguez was a great young baseball player. If kept playing like he was, he would’ve been one of the greats in baseball. Sadly, somewhere along the line he got greedy and started taking drugs to help enhance his skills. He would later go on to deny taking any drugs, but eventually, he came clean about lying and about taking the drugs. Now, A-Rod is a washed up player that isn’t half of the player he used to be.

Remember that when you lie, you’ll always have to tell more lies to cover the first lie. On top of that, if you continue lying, it’s hard to get back to the person you once were. A-Rod has a long journey ahead of him if wants to get back to being a good player. Don’t be like A-Rod. Be honest no matter the consequences. I know it’s hard, but trust me, it’s always to tell the truth.

By David Robinson

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