A Sad Mistake


So this week I was going to talk about how great the St. Louis Cardinals management is but then a story of greater importance eclipsed it. 

Joe Paterno, affectionately known as "Jo Pa" to the sports world, was the football coach of Penn State for over 45 years! He was highly decorated and currently holds the record for most wins in the NCAA at 409 wins. Plus, he's the only football coach to have over 400 wins.

However, all those accolades couldn't save him from being fired. In case you haven't heard, one of the staff members under Paterno was accused of molestation. What's even more disturbing is the fact that Paterno most likely knew about this and DIDN'T speak up. When the Penn State University found out about the situation, they had no choice but to fire him.

I think this is an important lesson. Just because you didn't do something doesn't mean you can't be held accountable. If you witness or know about something that is wrong; REPORT IT! Find an adult to tell, do something! In situations like this, any action is better than inaction.


By Administrator

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