Did I Do That???

I have, not one, but TWO stories for to share today! The first one is about the "Golden Boy" Tom Brady. 

Brady was being interviewed for his upcoming game on Sunday. The reporters asked him about how the fans should prepare for the game and he basically told them to get drunk. 

Crazy, huh?

Now we as Christians don't believe in drinking but in any case, you never want to encourage your fans to get drunk! Smh…The Patriots Public Relations (PR) team came out later with a statement trying to clarify what their QB meant. They tried to say that he meant for fans to drink lots of water. Do you think it worked? We'll see on Sunday.

The other story also has to do with football. At the San Diego Qualcomm Stadium where the Chargers play, a server by the name of Heather Allison accidentally tripped on the stairs and fell. To add insult to injury, she also dropped all the money she was carrying, which totaled about $1,000. Thankfully, the fans around her immediately helped her gather all her money and guess what? She got all $1,000 back plus a $170 tip!

Mistakes can happen, but it's all about the clean up 😉

By Administrator

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