A 61 year-old Woman Tries Swimming from FL to Cuba

That’s right, you read it correctly. Diana Nyad is 61 years-old and she is trying to set a long distance swimming record. There are approximately 103 miles between Florida and Cuba and Diana tried to swim all of them. 

Unfortunately, Diana didn’t make it all the way. After swimming for 30 hours, she suffered an asthma  attack, shoulder pains, and the waves were too choppy for her to continue. The good thing to takeaway from this is that there is nothing wrong with trying something and not succeeding. It’s important to look at the small victories. For instance; how many 61 year-old women do you know that still do crunches? She probably has a flatter stomach than me lol
Although Diana has officially given up trying to swim that route, I’m sure she’ll still find other things to do to keep herself active. And in the end, isn’t that the whole point? Stay active people 🙂

By Administrator

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