This week former baseball player, Barry Bonds, has been on trial. If you haven’t heard, Bonds is being accused of lying to a grand jury about knowingly taking steroids. However, the jury can’t seem to decide whether that’s true or not, so they’re pushing the trial all the way to May 20, 2011. 

It has been such a hassle for Bonds. Even though he is the home run king at 762 hits, it comes with a heavy crown. Many people believe that he was using steroids to enhance or boost his performance. Basically, they think he cheated and baseball purists hate cheaters. They say that it isn’t honorable.

Honor means doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. This is known as your integrity. Whether Bonds has any honor or not is still being decided, but I can tell you that he doesn’t like all the negative attention he is getting now. 

One person who is being celebrated for his honor is 10-year-old Cliff Forrest Jr. 

Last week, Cliff spent a whopping $8,500 out of his college savings to buy a ring. However, this wasn’t a wedding ring or a ring pop candy, this was a Super Bowl ring. It belonged to William “The Refrigerator” Perry. He was a part of the Chicago Bears during Super Bowl XX. Cliff heard that Perry was getting really sick decided to do an honorable thing; buy back his ring.

“He only played in one Super Bowl,” Cliff said. “I thought he would want it more than I did.”

They both met on the set of ESPN’s SportsCenter, where Perry gave Cliff two signed jerseys and five football cards as a thank you!

Sometimes it pays to be honorable but either way; it’s always best to do the right thing 🙂

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