A Season of Giving

I’m sure most of you have heard about the tsunami and the earthquake that hit Japan. Those are two very tragic events and many lives were lost. It’s really sad to think about but it should serve as a constant reminder that this world is not our permanent home. One day we’ll go to Heaven and we’ll never have to worry about any natural disaster happening again.

Although nothing can be done to replace what the survivors have lost, many sports organizations try to pitch in and ease the pain. Even Michael Jordan gave $1,000,000 to the Sept. 11 victims. This time around, Seattle Mariners player Ichiro Suzuki chose to donate 100 million yen! For those of you who don’t know international conversion rates, that’s about $1.23 million! Either way you look at it; that’s still a lot of money. What a great gesture! Oh and by the way, Ichiro also donated 10 million yen last month to some volcano victims. Wow!

In efforts to match Ichiro’s genorosity, the Seattle Mariners have decided to match anything donated by the front office and fans with a minimum of $100,000! There’s so much giving going on! It just goes to show that when God blesses you with a lot, it’s good to give just as much back.

Oh yeah, the NBA also wanted to get in on the donating process as well. Here’s Los Angeles Laker player Kobe Bryant with a message:


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