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There are so many topics to talk about in sports nowadays!

The NFL is going through a lockout phase. Basically, this means that the players and owners of the teams can't agree about money, so the players are refusing to play. Why should you care? If the NFL is in a lockout, that means no football games for the public. I'd wish they'd hurry up and come to an agreement.

Then there's March Madness, which begun at noon on Thursday. This year 64 tcollegiate eams get the chance to go to the Final Four and ultimately a championship! Do you think you know who's going to win the whole thing?

Then besides that, the NBA is drawing ever closer to the Playoffs. Are you keeping up with your favorite team? I am. The Lakers are starting to look like real champions now, although, Derrick Rose and the Bulls are a pretty good team as well. Time will only tell who will win it all in the end.

With so many sports to keep track off right now, sometimes we can lose focus on what's really important; our relationship with God. It's easy to remember how many points LeBron James had, or what the #1 play was on SportsCenter, but always remember to keep God first. Your relationship with Him makes you the true champion.


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