Cutler Cried

Okay so I know that “Da Bears” lost last week in the NFC Championship game (Sorry Bears fans) but did any of you guys happen to catch the story about QB Jay Cutler? Apparently it was a tough week for him. Many sports reporters were wondering about Cutler’s toughness. Cutler hadn’t exactly been playing well in the games leading up to the NFC championship, so when Cutler had to leave the game early, that’s when the criticism came.

After the game, reporters told Cutler that some people didn’t think that he was tough enough to play the game of football. 

That’s when Cutler turned his head and let out some tears.

By now you all should know that words can affect people positively and negatively. In this case, even a professional football player like Jay Cutler can be hurt. He was genuinely hurt by the critics. Let’s try to remember to only say positive things to our peers. Also, constructive criticism is a great tool to correct something or someone while still caring for them.

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