Winning Isn’t Everything

In a game that seemed out of reach from the beginning, Chevez High (Texas) had a different way to beat Yates High. Since they couldn’t beat Yates for a win, they decided to try to hold them under 100 points.

“We’ve never had a team score 100 on us,” Chavez coach Kevin Pullum told the Chronicle. “We knew that if we couldn’t beat Yates we could beat them a second way, and that is to not let them score 100 points.

Now although Chevez High did reach their goal by not letting Yates score 100 (The score was 97-65), Yates High’s coach doesn’t see this as a good goal.

“I don’t understand what that was accomplishing or what the celebration was about because if we wanted to score 100 we would have put the first five back out there.”

Yates High rested their starters in the fourth and as a result, only scored 10 points. 

Have you ever faced a team whereby you KNOW you’re going to lose? Well first of all, you should never have that attitude. Every game starts off 0-0 so you never know. Second of all, if the game starts going sour, look to get moral victories. Maybe it’s a goal of only letting them score a certain amount of points, or letting them grab a certain amount of rebounds…or whatever! I just think it’s cool that even though Chevez High was getting blown out, they still found a way to keep themselves in the game and learn from a loss.

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