3-year old, Kalee Buetow loves her Seattle Seahawks

Kalee Buetow has a beautiful mind, but is it being used to its fullest potential?
Check out this incredibly cute video:
It’s undeniable that she knows her Seahawks and that she is cute, but the broadcaster said something important at the end of the segment. He said that Kalee only likes to talk about two things before she goes to bed. Do you remember what those two are?
It was the Seahawks and Jesus. I think it shows true dedication to be able to practically name the entire roster of a football team. Her parents are thrilled by it and Dad even helps her memorize more names. However I wonder how dedicated to Jesus they want Kalee to be. Can Kalee quote bible verses as well as she can football? Maybe she can, maybe she can’t, I don’t think I’ll ever find out. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with memorizing football rosters, but I would just hope that she shows Jesus just a little more dedication on her own time.
Are there things in your life that you’re giving more attention that Jesus? If so, maybe now is the time to dedicate some more time to Him.
Happy Sabbath!

By David Robinson

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