1 Timothy 4:12 – Alex Ovechkin’s 1,000 Goals

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin, also known as “Alexander the Great” recently scored his 1000th goal! But his thoughts on that goal are what impress me the most.
Ovechkin came in the league as a young Phenom in the 2005 season and took the NHL by storm. He led the NHL in goals per game and points per game from 2008-2010. And, since 2010, Ovechkin has led the Capitals in goals all but one year (the 2015-2016 season). Ovechkin, who is now a veteran star, still has a great perspective on his career and said that he still “felt young” after the amazing feat.
Ovechkin’s positive outlook on his age made me think about the gift of youth. I’m sure that when he first came into the league, he wanted to be great. Now some may have laughed at him, but he kept working hard until he reached his goal (pun intended).

Many times as young people, others may put down your dreams or your goals, but just remember that you are important. Your age is not a disadvantage to the things that you want to accomplish. 1 Timothy 4:12 perfectly sums up how we should live. As young believers in Christ we should celebrate our youthfulness, and praise God for the gift by conducting ourselves in a manner that’s pleasing to Him. Let’s be young leaders for what’s right.

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By David Robinson

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