1 Corinthians 11:24 – Championship Celebrations

It was a special week for sports as two champions were crowned; the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins. This is an awesome time for both teams, but their parade reminded me of something.

Whenever a team wins a championship, the city that they’re from usually holds a parade to celebrate their accomplishments. In both leagues, a small parade float goes throughout the city so that all the residents have a chance to see it.

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The tradition to have a parade when a city’s team wins helps the players and fans remember all the hard word the champions overcame that year.

When I think about it, Christians have the a similar tradition in Communion. During the last supper, Jesus told His disciples to eat the bread and win in remembrance of Him and everything He had taught them. Even until this day when we have Communion, we eat and drink in remembrance of Jesus. So let’s celebrate the tradition by remembering all that Jesus did, and gave for us.



By David Robinson

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