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Junior Reeder: Special Guide 70th Anniversary Thumbuddy

Junior is the younger brother of Thumbuddy Ima Reeder. When they got copies of the first Junior Guide, as it was called in 1953, they thought the magazine was "peachy keen"! Series P, 1 of 4. Others in series: Ima Reeder

Secret Giver

He knows firsthand how much more fun it is to give than to receive! (But don't ask his real name—that's a secret too!) Series G, 1 of 4. Others in series: Gentle Yentel, Baby-Faith Nelson, Pastor Wordsworth

Jazzmyn Reed

The school band was never the same after this saxophone player blew into town! Series K, 2 of 4. Others in series: Rocky Chorderman, Rhymin' Simon, Joy Singh

Joy Singh

Joy is so happy about her friendship with Jesus that she wants everyone to take note! Series K, 4 of 4. Others in series: Rocky Chorderman, Jazzmyn Reed, Rhymin' Simon

Jim Nast

Jim hopes to someday write an inspirational book for teens called "How to Live a Well-Balanced Life." Series D, 4 of 4. Others in series: Courtney Palmer, Duncan Hooper, Jolly Ollie

Amazing Grace

Grace always thinks before she speaks—and it often involves saying something nice about someone. Series A, 1 of 4. Others in series: Mission Plane Jane, Faith Hopenlove, Chaplain Charlie

Adam Numbers

From algebra to calculus to quantum physics, you can count on Adam to get it right! Series F, 2 of 4. Others in series: Elbert Feinstein

Olive Pitt

Whether it's the school salad bar or a church potluck, she's all about fast finger food. Series O, 1 of 4. Others in series: [coming]

Richard M. Bezzle

Oh, no! This businessman got greedy and secretly stole money from his employer! Currently a criminal, there's always hope for redemption. Series B, 2 of 4. Others in series: Big Mean Eugene, Handy Mann, Hench Mann

Elbert Feinstein

A former student of the genius physicist You-Know-Who, Elbert is carrying on the tradition of brilliant thinking, wild-looking hair, and a mustache that would make his former mentor proud. Series F, 1 of 4. Others in series: Adam Numbers

Faith Hopenlove

A spiritual mentor to many, Faith has a devotional life that's resulted in endless incredible answers to prayer. Series A, 3 of 4. Others in series: Amazing Grace, Mission Plane Jane, Chaplain Charlie

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