KristytheCorgi Collection

Baby-Faith Nelson

This little cutie doesn't know much about God yet but is eager to learn! Series G, 3 of 4. Others in series: Secret Giver, Gentle Yentel, Pastor Wordsworth

Gentle Yentel

A graceful, charming, and godly young Jewish woman who loves others and all things beautiful. Series G, 2 of 4. Others in series: Secret Giver, Baby-Faith Nelson, Pastor Wordsworth

Rhymin’ Simon

At home or on the streets, Simon has the funky beats. He has a natural gift for rhyme, something he does all the time. Series K, 3 of 4. Others in series: Rocky Chorderman, Jazzmyn Reed, Joy Singh

Nurse Payne

Talk about a big shot! Don't poke fun at Nurse Payne or she just might poke you back! Series H, 1 of 4. Others in series: Judge Prudence Law, Appaloosa Luci

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