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From algebra to calculus to quantum physics, you can count on Adam to get it right!

Adam Numbers

Grace always thinks before she speaks—and it often involves saying something nice about someone.

Amazing Grace

Here's a fun-loving equestrian who's a perfect match for her horse. Who knows where they're headed next!

Appaloosa Luci

This little cutie doesn't know much about God yet but is eager to learn!

Baby-Faith Nelson

So far, this huge bully has yet to outgrow his meanness. Maybe that's because he hasn't met Jesus.

Big Mean Eugene

In his store or door-to-door, Booker has lots of reading material to spend your allowance on!

Booker Sayles

Still single, this public servant thinks a great date involves a walk in the woods—to count invasive insects.

Branch Forrester

This pastor-turned-military chaplain shows soldiers how God can strengthen them in all circumstances.

Chaplain Charlie

Pasta is his passion! Who knows what dish the good chef will cook up next?

Chef Al Denté

Clementine juggles school and church with her late-afternoon job at the family citrus orchard.

Clementine Grove

She's a star on the hardwood and a hands-down favorite to win this year's MVP award. She doesn't play on Friday nights or Sabbaths, but Courtney considers it a privilege to honor God and His special day.

Courtney Palmer

Warning: it's always a near-death experience when Crash is at the airplane controls!

Crash Landon

He hates his hair, but what's there is there. He's about to straighten things out, though!

Curly Q

Spectacular slam-dunks frequently make him the center of attention.

Duncan Hooper

Sometimes obsessive about his vegan diet, Eaton is on a mission to share the facts about fruits and veggies with anybody who will listen!

Eaton Greene

This guy bears an uncanny resemblance to the Guide Magazine editor—who also happens to draw Thumbuddies!

Ed Write

A former student of the genius physicist You-Know-Who, Elbert is carrying on the tradition of brilliant thinking, wild-looking hair, and a mustache that would make his former mentor proud.

Elbert Feinstein

A spiritual mentor to many, Faith has a devotional life that's resulted in endless incredible answers to prayer.

Faith Hopenlove

A graceful, charming, and godly young Jewish woman who loves others and all things beautiful.

Gentle Yentel

Kids hold a special place in her heart, which is why this senorita works hard to guide them to Jesus.

Gloria Editoria

If you've got something to build or fix, this guy will nail it!

Handy Mann

This mixed-breed mutt is lovable—but very sloppy!

Heinz the Hound

The opposite of his caring and helpful twin brother, Handy Mann, this guy is always looking for a chance to do someone harm. He really needs to meet Jesus!

Hench Mann

A concrete thinker, Jack is always ready to shake things up!

Jack Hammer

Jazzmyn Reed

Jim hopes to someday write an inspirational book for teens called "How to Live a Well-Balanced Life."

Jim Nast

From bigspins to kickflips, Ollie knows all the tricks of the skateboarding trade. (That doesn't mean he can perform them all, of course, but he's trying!)

Jollie Ollie

Joy is so happy about her friendship with Jesus that she wants everyone to take note!

Joy Singh

A humorless but knowledgeable "legal eagle" who's always ready to hear the facts and rule fairly.

Judge Prudence Law

When it comes to work, he's never on time and always stops before he starts.

Layton Doolittle

This loudmouth's approach to communication speaks volumes about his personality.

Louden Rood

This energetic and mission-minded pilot is ready to take off when you are!

Mission Plane Jane

Late to bed and early to rise makes this morning radio announcer talk with half-closed eyes.

Morning Mike

Talk about a big shot! Don't poke fun at Nurse Payne or she just might poke you back!

Nurse Payne

Whether it's the school salad bar or a church potluck, she's all about fast finger food.

Olive Pitt

Somehow, this pastor's sermons always end up pointing to Jesus—and that's a good thing!

Pastor Wordsworth

This fun-loving, time-traveling beach boy from the Middle Ages is ready to catch a ride on a 21st-century wave!

Pipeline Peasant

Patty loves to cook up delicious dishes to tickle the tastebuds!

Potluck Patty

You are one of the few collectors who has obtained the Guide editor's personal Thumbuddy character! (If you decide to trade it, demand at least three other Thumbuddies in return!)

Randy Fishell

At home or on the streets, Simon has the funky beats. He has a natural gift for rhyme, something he does all the time.

Rhymin’ Simon

Oh, no! This businessman got greedy and secretly stole money from his employer! Currently a criminal, there's always hope for redemption.

Richard M. Bezzle

This musician looks a little strung-out, but that's only because he practices so much on his electric guitar.

Rocky Chorderman

He knows firsthand how much more fun it is to give than to receive! (But don't ask his real name—that's a secret too!)

Secret Giver

Gene's unfortunate head shape causes natural food stores to ask about renting him for promotional purposes. Some people even want to cook him, which is in very bad taste.

Soybean Gene

A horse, of course, Mabel loves to be ridden by kids—as long as they bring her a sweet treat!

Stable Mabel

Stickley Drummond

He's pumped up about muscle mass, and it shows!

Vance Armstrong

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