Questions about the new site?

Does my username and password from the old site still work on the new site?

Yes, your logon from the old site should work on this site. Once you successfully logon to the new site, you will get a confirmation email. If you have difficulty, email the webmaster.

Where are my stories/poems from the Talent Showcase?

Stories and poems that you submitted in past years to the Talent Showcase will appear in the Story section of the new site. If you can’t find a particular story, you are welcome to enter it again on the new site, or you can check with the webmaster.

Where is my photos/art/recipes/jokes?

Some content from the old Talent Showcase was not brought over to the new site. This includes art and photos. Sorry.

Where are my recent threads on the discussion board?

Discussion board threads from the last six months did not get transferred to the new site.

Can I get my own avatar for the discussion board?

Yes, you can. But each has to be approved and added to the collection of avatars that anyone can use. Send the avatar you want to the webmaster for consideration.

What are Thumbuddies?

These are new digital characters you can collect and trade. Look for Thumbuddy claim codes in the magazine and at different places on this site. Wait, here’s one now: intro95

Where is the link to the Chat?

Follow this link to participate in the chat. Chats are held at 5 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday afternoons.


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