So I have been thinking about a new story and still writing new life , so you guys have 4 stories to choose from,  enjoy
#1 about a young girl of 13  ( Jewish ) who lives in world War 2 and is a foster , and to haves to escape with children,  seek peek : ,” shh you have to be quite or you are going to miss dinner !! ,” Sarah said . ,” Sorry I just can’t help it , the puppet show is so funny ,” giggled Emily ,” well you better be sister or they are going to make you and me ,miss dinner and take way the puppets ( they were socks with buttons for eyes ) . OK,” Emily said quietly.  ,” why don’t we have toys like the German kids do ,” Emily asked quietly so no one can hear . ,” because we are Jewish kids ,” Sarah said .
#2 a family of seven children who a very disobedient seek peek : ,”  OK when they go away we can go to the pool at night,  ” said Mark
yay !!! The other children shouted ,”shhh ! ! ! ,” Mark said or mom and dad are going to hear us . OK said the other children
#3 a family who lives in  a farm when they discover they need to go to Ireland to be missionarys 1846 . , when the older brother and sister and little sister finds secrets to their family seek peek : kids said father says  at dinner time father only says  things at were very important,  ,” pastor says if we would like to go to Ireland to be missionarys for a about year , would you like to?   Robert said I guess we would like to go , right sisters?  ,” we both said yes !  at the same time,  but we didn’t know what we were going to discover.
#4   Jayla who is a pop star but haves trouble finding who she is and to her old town,  not the town you think of , seek peek : I am trying to write a song that is my life,  but something is wrong,  I just can’t seem to know,  maybe I need a break to new York ,” said Jayla but her director thinks about sending to her mom and dad’s town , so there is where Jayla goes , oh my said the director is this the right place? ,” yes it’s is Jayla said , looking at the town ,”looks like a we in the past to the 1800s Jayla said, “oh wow
So I hope you guys enjoy it . Let,me know in the comments.  Thanks for reading !! 🙂

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