Pathfinder Bible Experience Finals

Seventy-nine teams from across North America are the British Union are
gather near Morane Valley Community College in Palos Hills, Illinois. This
is the site of the 2017 NAD PBE Division Finals on April 22, 2017.
Pathfinder Staff from various conferences and unions are setting up the
layout for the program and testing.

Meanwhile I’m wrapping up my vacation in the Northwest and wish I was
there. There is nothing—besides camporee—that I find more inspiring. These
youth have studied specific books of the Bible for weeks and even months
and more than a handful have probably studied all year!

Now you might be thinking that sounds hard, but if your family has a daily
or weekly devotional all you need to do is check which books are being
studied this next year and start reading from those books. Soon you’ll find
you might know more about those books than many pastors!

Good luck to all the teams this weekend! Especially my favorite, you know
who you are!

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Pathfinder Bible Experience Finals

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