Chapter 6 of Meet the Lord "Maryann’s Sister"

 Hey guys! This is the next chapter of peach’s story! She is soooooo anxious to see if you like it and what your comments about it! Me and Honey flower are working together getting the chapters up for her. So, enjoy!

Chapter 6 Meet the Lord

Maryann’s Sister

May stomped on the ground so hard, she knew all the worms will jump out. Clutching her fists, she stomped angrily and stood directly in front of Matt.

“Do you know what happened to my castle I was working on?” She clenched her teeth.

“No. I didn’t run over there.” He said.

May looked at Matt with her are-you-sure-you-are-not-lying eyes. Matt answered with his I-know-I-am-not-lying eyes.

“Fine.” May said. “You’re innocent, but I WILL find out how it is!” She was so angry she was sweating.

Everyone stood still.

Chris, a team member of Jr’s team, did not dare make eye contact with May. May growled at him.

“Are YOU the one who stepped on my castle?!”

Chris looked at her with fear.

“I am very sorry of your castle. I was trying to catch that ball you hit. I can make up for it.”

“How?” May’s eyes softened to a longing look.

Chris looked around. “Uh…………………..” he was looking for someone to speak up.

“We’ll help you build an even better one.” Jr said.

Chris wiped his forehead. “*Phew!*”

Chris was relieved. He thought he wouldn’t be able to escape.

“Then, it will be a present from all of us to Maryann!”

The kids agreed and ran to the smashed castle.

Chris slipped away from May as May looked at Jr with tears in her eyes. She walked up to him, grinning from ear to ear. “Thank you Jr.” She could barely speak as she was full of joy. “Ah it was nothing.” Jr said, running towards the castle so May wouldn’t hug him.

“I got the shells!” “Let’s make board here with wood.” “Oh we need more water.” “Let’s dig this a little deeper.” “Who has the pail? Someone gimme the pail!”

Words were tossed around as the crew made the castle for Maryann.

After the kids got it perfect, May thanked everybody with a handshake and a pat on the back. But Jr got a hug. She slipped her phone out of her pocket, and snapped the picture…….. with her and her friends in it.

                     *   *   *   *   *   *   *

“Oh My!” Maryann exclaimed. “It’s wonderful!” She wiped tears off her cheeks. “Thanks to Jr’s smart brain he suggested everyone help to build it.” May explained with a grin. “I HAVE to thank them when I get well.” A nearby nurse grabbed the picture and set it on Maryann’s desk. She wiped dust off of the desk and left the room. “Uh…… May, have you met Gigi?” May tipped her head and looked at her friend. “Who?” “Gigi. My sister. She is supposed to be coming in about…..” she looked at her desk clock. “Now.” “Hey Flowers. How are y-” Gigi’s hazel eyes locked with May’s. “Oh Gigi, this is May, May, this is Gigi.” Gigi frowned deeply at May. Cold sweat rolled down May’s back. She doesn’t look very friendly. She thought. Gigi growled. What’s up with her? May felt like escaping through the walls. “Well,” Gigi seemed to calm down. “I only wanted to give you these.” She gave Maryann some gorgeous flowers. Maryann grabbed them. “Thank you.” She said. Gigi nodded then walked away, locking her angry eyes at May. Maryann was too busy smelling the flowers she didn’t notice.”

Yikes! Does anyone have a guess of what’s up with Gigi?  ~MK

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Chapter 6 of Meet the Lord "Maryann’s Sister"

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