White Light
Never an Excuse
He thought no one would ever know.
Details in a Painting
Chantal Klingbeil shows you the details in the famous painting by Elfred Lee called "The Christ of the Narrow Way."
Could you be a prophet?
What does it take to be a prophet? What do prophets do? Is there somewhere you could apply to be one? 
Oh, no! Whatcha gonna do?
In tough situations and in scary situations--here's the best thing to do.

Out of Sight
Who are you when no one's watching?
Inside Mr Miller's Home
What do butter churns and unexploded bombs have in common?
Never an Excuse
Perhaps he hadn’t slept well or perhaps he was just having a bad day.
Vine Bullies
After exhausting travels Ellen and James White were on their way back to Battle Creek.
The Mysterious Stranger
    Hundreds of people had crowded into the Latin school in the capital city of Norway.
Back to the Future!
In November 1890, something very unusual happened. Ellen White had a vision. Actually, that was not too unusual as Ellen White had had many special messages from God since 1844 but this one was different.
Helping the Doctor
Someone decided to ask the doctor... 
No More Secrets!
It was an awkward meeting. James and Ellen White had arrived...
The Stronger Person
Meeting for church in someone’s kitchen may seem a bit strange...
Through the Storm
Traveling during a storm can be scary as well as dangerous, so imagine what it was like to be in a hail storm with a horse and carriage!
Join the Celebration!
We are celebrating SC 125 and you can be a part of the action!
Mirror, Mirror on the wall
In 1887 Ellen White was traveling by train in Europe...
The Interview
 Let’s imagine asking Ellen White some thanksgiving questions seeing that it is almost time for Thanksgiving...
Secret Informant
They thought they could keep her away, but they had no idea of her informant...
Looking for a fight!
Ellen White and some of her helpers were traveling in a buggy...
Home Visit
Visiting the White's - as close as you can get...
The Best Security System
It was the year 1894. The first camp meeting ever was being held in Australia and Ellen White was to be the guest speaker.
A Strange Prayer Meeting
On January 18, 1842, William Foy went to prayer meeting. Now, there was nothing strange about that...
More than a Christmas Gift
Here's a short video about the meaning of Christmas made by a teen!
Don’t let them mess with your head!
They are all over and they are out to mess with your head...
Disappointed? The day after...
      Ever been disappointed or felt as if your life was one big disappointment...
Book Force
No quick copies here! Making a book was hard work. Check it out...
In 1863 the Seventh‐day Adventist Church was officially organized. Health care at that time was not very healthful!
Any ideas what happened last Thursday, July 16 one hundred years ago?
So who's your Daddy - Answers!
I know that you have been dying to get to the answers for the Father's Day Quiz so...
So who's your Daddy?
It's almost Father's Day so don't forget to do something special for your Dad! Seeing that most of you are enjoying your Summer Vacation here is a short Father's Day Quiz to get your brain in gear for Father's Day...
Must see this summer!
This June the Ellen G. White Estate in the General Conference building (in Maryland) opened a brand new world class Visitor's Center. This is a new must see place to ask your parents (and teachers - as they plan next years events for your class trips) to plan in your Summer vacation!
Free Mother's Day Gifts
Just in case you have forgotten to buy something for Mother's Day don't worry! There are some great Mother's Day gifts that don't cost a thing...
Spring Potatoes
It's Spring time! And that of course reminds me of potatoes. I mean it is the time of year to plant things and then hope that the deer, rabbits and bugs don't eat them all up before I get a chance to harvest them. Back to the potatoes....
Power of You
In the last blog I mentioned 14-year-old Luther Warren and his friend Harry Fenner. They got tired of just hanging out and decided to do something about it. They had no ideal that their little "Youth Society" would have such a BIG impact on thousands and thousands of teens - even after their life time. How about it? Tired of just hanging out this Spring Break? Why not think of something that you could do to change your world!  
A New View of Ellen White
Join Chantal Klingbeil of the Ellen G. White Estate as she shines a light on our Adventist heritage. This week she's got a great video to show you!