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Lego Animation: The Lost Coin
by Kim Peckham

So Rachel has a little brother who has done some Lego animations. One Sabbath afternoon, she thought she'd like to create one herself. This is what she came up with.


-2 #44 Snow Bunny 2014-01-26 23:39
I like it!!!!! :-)
-2 #43 LOL-I-Love-Horses 2013-06-29 05:01
thets cool and kind of awesome :-) 8) 8) 8) 8)
-15 #42 LOL-I-Love-Horses 2013-06-29 04:59
  • Quote:
-3 #41 omane 2013-04-27 23:44
to short
+19 #40 ninjafox123 2013-03-16 02:44
like the music
+20 #39 ninjafox123 2013-03-16 02:41
her face was hilariously funny
+20 #38 #1God 2013-01-03 17:37
hahahahahaha like it wish u guys could see my animation
+36 #37 SuperstarLeo 2012-12-14 23:55
to all lego people...... WE WHAT MORE MOVIES.
+31 #36 FelineRose 2012-12-05 20:59
I loved her face when she was happy! (lol)
+24 #35 onfire 2012-11-05 21:56
To contact Guide you can look at the bottom of the screen right now...first column...."Cont act Us" and email them about the video. They'll take care of the rest. :roll:

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