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The Missing Link
by Kim Peckham

A humble Veja-Link looks up at the stars and asks a question about where he came from. The answer he gets isn't very satisfying. Tyler Fishell did the animation of the textured vegetable protein. The script was written by Guide associate editor Rachel Whitaker.


+1 #53 N7BJW 2014-05-03 20:53
we've watched this about a bizillion times :D
+12 #52 joshie 2013-10-02 23:16
My sister always watches this!!!
+16 #51 chairity 2013-07-14 00:37
I probably should have watched this before lunch! LOL :D :lol: funny vid!!!
+8 #50 katsmyname 2013-06-30 02:08
Quoting Delightful:
Quoting danny321:
i dont really get it. :cry: what does it mean anyone please tell me

You can't be serious.
If you are, try:
2) to follow the dialogue again and again until you get it
3) Reading this ***her. I'll just tell you.
This little vegie hot dog (or whatever) wanted to know where he came from, so he asked this famous professor, Baloney.
The professor said Mt. R was made by chance, not a creator. So is nature, he said. Then we realized toward the end he was blind. He couldn't have known what he was talking about.

Got it? :-)

and it was professor Bolney :-) ;-)
+18 #49 godslittleprincess 2013-06-16 03:25
Quoting Delightful:
Quoting ChristSk8ter:
AWE.SOME. but Doctor B is wrong ;-)

Yeeeees. Thaaat's kiiiindaaa the POOOINT.

lol guys
+14 #48 godisepic 2013-06-09 00:49
HALARIOUS!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! :D
+9 #47 LittleLadyBug 2013-05-15 22:22
+5 #46 LittleLadyBug 2013-05-15 22:21
cool (:
-16 #45 NitroQuad47 2013-05-11 23:09
-3 #44 isaiahtheprophet 2013-05-05 03:42
link:somtimes.. . as i ly in bed i wonder were i came from.music:.... ............... .......today im here with famus,profeser bloney....dr.b tell us how the world around us came to exsistons dr.:bblablablab lablablablabla in south deckota! link:WOW!i thout that mountrushmore made by a sculpter back in the 1930's. dr.:oh thhats a myth.blablablab labalblablabla blind chonce. link:blind chance! dr.:blind chance...i mean chonce.wow. well thats quite amazing thanks dr.b for these fasinaiting insides. dr.:oh yourzwelly zwelcome...can you excusme ive got to get my self out of here. link:yeah your gonna goright dr.b crashes in camera

link:speaking of blind ness.

halsrious :D :D

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