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Lose Yourself (Bonus Content)
by David Robinson

So this month in my column in Guide magazine, I spoke about giving your all aka losing yourself. 

Let's look at a motivational poster that I love:


And then this great commercial:


The time now is 3:40 am. Why am I up? Because I have to write. Yes, I could have written this earlier, but when inspiration calls, you must respond. So here I am, 15 min until 4:00 am and I'm up writing so that my readers have something to read. When you want to succeed at something, you learn to make sacrifices; even sleep. Whatever you do, give it your all. Whether it's in sports, spirituality, or relationships, give it your all, just like Christ gave us His all. 

Happy Sabbath.


-10 #2 trio3 2012-08-03 23:31
just kidding i get it :-) .. :zzz
-6 #1 trio3 2012-08-03 23:30
:zzz wha? huh? oh yeah sacrifice sleep got it.. :zzz

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