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Daniel Diet Update 4
by David Robinson

I didn't make this but it sure would look good right about now :)

I'm currently drinking a pineapple/banana smoothie. Yum! I've eaten some cashews for protein today and you know what? I HAVE lost weight lol a total of 7 pounds actually. I finally started seeing the results today. I actually FEEL lighter today. This diet has been a cool experience. Only one day left!


+1 #3 danny321 2012-04-16 22:46
if i ate anymore fruites and veggies i would burst
+1 #2 Sportzgurl 2012-04-16 01:11
My dad said that Ellen G. White said we had to eat fruits, vegetables, grain, and nuts! After trying this diet my dad lost around 10-15 pounds!
+1 #1 davidrobinson 2012-04-15 17:01
JayDucky - It's an assortment of fruit silly lol

DaughterOfGod12 - I AM going to keep eating more fruits and veggies. Going back to the more unhealthier food is just...so...unh ealthy hah

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