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by Administrator

Submitting an Item 

1. Click the “New” icon at the top left.
2. Pick the type of item you would like to submit. Use “Note” for all text items (stories, jokes, recipes, etc.).
3. Notes: You can copy and paste text into the box, or just type it in the box.
Pictures: Click “choose source” to select a photo from your computer. Pictures must be .jpg format and less than 1MB. (To submit artwork, scan it or take a digital photo of it.) You can add a title/description and a message if you like.
Videos: First you need to post your video on YouTube, or choose an appropriate video on YouTube that you want to share. Then you can put the link here.
4. Submit by clicking the green check mark at the bottom right.
5. All posts will be approved by the Guide staff before appearing on the site.  

Viewing the Items

1. You can click and drag the posts around the corkboard so you can see the posts underneath them.
2. To see a full-size view of a picture, point to it with the mouse and click the magnifying glass icon that appears at the top.
3. To see who posted an item, point to the question mark in the upper right corner of the item.
4. You can temporarily delete posts by clicking the red X. To bring them back, reload the page.
5. To comment about other people's posts, just make a new note and put your comment there!

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