2016 Theme List for Writers
by Staff

While perusing the list, please consider how some of these topics can be portrayed relationally with Christ and others rather than as simple behavior modification. We need both, given the spiritual development stages of our rather broad target ages (10-14). All topics, of course, would need to be written in a way that interests Guide readers. (*Asterisks denote high-priority needs.) Payment varies depending on quality, need, and other factors. In general, Guide pays between $60 and $125 per story.

Please remember that Guide accepts only nonfiction stories. We do consider modern-day parables of biblical stories and other spiritual concepts.

Theme List

True stories related to walking with Jesus:



Peer pressure

Making Christ-honoring media choices

Peace in the face of world turmoil

Trusting God during difficult times

Using time, talents, money and other resources wisely (stewardship)

Environmental stewardship

Dealing with worry

Handling fear

Fashion and the Christian (clothing, hairstyles)

Being content

Doing your best

Creative witnessing


Christ-honoring reading choices

Loving the hard-to-love

Resisting Satan’s lies

Helping the impoverished

Kid-consumerism and materialism

What prayer is and isn’t (through story)

Experiences of grace

Trusting in the Bible

The role of faith as it relates to good works

Caring for the less fortunate and needy

Using time wisely

Serving in the community

True stories related to everyday life:

School life and situations


Overload and balance in life (grades, sports, family, church, etc.)

Challenges of urban life

Mental illness (obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, eating disorders,

anxiety, bipolar, etc.)

Substance abuse, addictions, and hope for recovery

Financial challenges in the home and family

Parent losing job

Multiple intelligences and learning styles

Body and emotional changes

Children with disabilities

Obscene language/cussing

Pet Stories



Being a leader

Music (band, choir, learning an instrument, etc.)



Theme List—continued

Summer camp



Pop culture and entertainment

True stories related to relationships:

Handling sibling tensions

Choosing friends

Healing a friendship

Boy-girl relationships



Dealing with parents

Death of a family member

Blended family



Relating to someone of a different ethnicity

Foster care

True stories featuring doctrinal beliefs

Jesus’ second coming

Assurance of salvation

Creation and evolution

Death and resurrection (Seventh-day Adventist perspective)

Occult (traditional: horoscopes, Ouija boards; New Age: Spirit guides,

personal power)

Sabbath and its true meaning (not “do’s and don’ts”)

Benefits of a healthy lifestyle

Biblical versus secular worldview (Does it really matter? Why? How?)

End-time prophecies presented in a creative way (from an Adventist


Ten Commandments (possible series)

Last day events

Stories of real, Christian characters

Reformation stories

Christian heroes and heroines

Adventist and other Christian role models

Stories of Seventh-day Adventist pioneers

Life challenges of Native Americans


Nature and how it points to God’s creatorship

Christianity and world religions

Religious freedom

Miracle stories (verified as such by a reliable source)

Humorous incidents revealing a spiritual or character-building principle

Mission stories

Contemporary role models

Urban adventure

Bible stories written with exceptional appeal to kids (no extra characters)

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