Meet the Lads!
by Randy Fishell

A few weeks ago in Nashville, Tennessee,  I met a group of wonderful young men known as the Lads. The original band hailed from New Zealand, but happily they eventually decided to move to Nashville, (you know, "Music City," and all of that). These fun-loving guys play energetic, God-honoring music. My favorite song is "Cable Knit Sweater," which is about the wonder of God's special piece of handiwork called YOU! I also like "My Best Friend is the Creator of the Universe."

Now, the music may be a little TOO energetic for some of you and/or your parents. But before you leave the Lads behind, check out their funny "Lads TV" sketches, or listen to their goofy radio antics. (But no matter what, always put your parents' desires first!)

You can learn more about the Lads here

More about the Lads later, but right now here's a little activity for you to enjoy. I hope it's not too challenging . . .

Lads and friend


0 #1 puff 2014-09-10 15:39
It's a little to rocky for my mom to let me watch it.

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