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Shhh...it's a secret...
by Melanie Bockmann

Ever had a really, really big secret? Peter Parker did, and it all started with a teeny, weeny spider bite. As Christians, is it OK to have secrets? What does God say about secrets?
On November 9th, The Amazing Spiderman comes out on DVD, and, as promised, this is your ScreenSmart preview and review... 

Before we move on to the topic of secrets, here is a quick overview:

1. It's only been 10 years since the last Spiderman movie...but as far as technology and storyline go, the new movie is an improved version. Having said that...
2. This movie contains the same issues with violence, language, possibly scary images (think creepy huge lizard), and kissy-faced activities. No surprise there, right? When compared with the "old" version, the negative elements are similar. 
3. This movie contains some of the same positive elements, as well. The transformation of Peter Parker into selfless superhero, the fight against evil in all forms, the importance of family (unfortunately, that realization sometimes takes place when it's too late), etc. 

Thus, I'd like to focus on one specific aspect of the movie: secrets. 

When Peter realizes he is now endowed (via spider bite) some strange senses and abilities, he also realizes that to be the hero he needs to be, his "condition" has to be kept secret. Complicating things, however, Peter Parker's Aunt May says something to him that provides the viewers with a foreshadowing of coming events: "Secrets have a cost," she says, "They're not free. Not now, not ever." 

Are secrets OK? If so, what defines an "OK" secret? The Bible talks about some interesting situations that involve secrets:

Remember Queen Esther's secret? She was married to King Xerxes, who had no idea that she was actually a Jew... when she finally did reveal her secret at the pivotal moment, she saved the Jewish people from total annihilation. (You can read the story in the book of Esther in the Bible.)

Remember when Jesus healed the leper, and He told him to keep it a secret? The leper didn't keep the secret, however, and news spread so fast that Jesus could no longer go out in public, and His ministry was stunted. (You can read the story in Mark 1:4--45.)

Those are biblical examples of secrets that were supposed to be kept. Kind of like Peter Parker's secret, the mission depended on people keep their traps sealed! However, the Bible also says in Romans 2:16 that God will judge our secrets (and of course, we can't hide anything from God). 

So here's my question for you: 

What qualifies as a secret that should be kept? What qualifies as a secret that should NOT be kept? Was Aunt May (in the movie) correct in saying that secrets have a cost? 


0 #9 mittens92999 2013-01-20 20:06
I agree. I will try to only keep good secrets. Thanks!
-1 #8 Blade 2013-01-11 11:28
The fact that the movie has bad things in it, then why should you watch it?
Consider the facts below:
-Do you think this is a good movie?
-Does God aprove of this?
-Would it be wise to watch it?

You chose...
-3 #7 TrueBloodoftheTrueChrist 2012-12-09 20:24
#1 thing thats wrong about this blog: Last Spiderman movie was like 4 years ago
(Original is ALOT better)
+6 #6 musicalme 2012-10-10 14:31
I think Mr. Fishell has a great point--we're supposed to "abstain from all appearance of evil' and I don't think "violence, language, possibly scary images...and kissy-faced activities" fall in the pure category. (1 Thessalonians 5:22) Just make sure the Holy Spirit can go with you when you play your new DVD....
-3 #5 dancer4god 2012-10-08 23:54
Secrets do come with costs.
+19 #4 Strong_Arm_Luc 2012-10-08 00:21
Thanx for dong this blog Melanie.
I think that sercets should be kept because you don't want to have rumors going around all about you.
Randy has a good question also. :-) ;-) 8)
0 #3 Animal Lover 19 2012-10-06 20:33
Quoting Redguyj123:
I've always thought that Spider-Man was like that. He has too many rude jokes.... I've seen them all in the games... And the movies :/

-3 #2 Redguyj123 2012-10-06 13:12
I've always thought that Spider-Man was like that. He has too many rude jokes.... I've seen them all in the games... And the movies :/
+15 #1 rfishell 2012-10-05 22:52
As usual, Melanie asks some good questions. I have another one: How do you think a Christian should relate to a movie that contains "violence, language, possibly scary images (think creepy huge lizard), and kissy-faced activities"?

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