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The Rock and Worship Roadshow
by Administrator

The Rock and Worship Road Show...

Last Saturday night, my son and I met some friends at the Key Arena in Seattle for the Rock and Worship Road Show (I know, it's an unusual name for a Christian concert), and I thought I’d give you an update, since it’s making a few more stops before the tour ends later this month.

Moriah Peters and FREE music download...

While we missed the first performer, a college student named Moriah Peters (hey, we were stuck downtown looking for parking!), my friends were so impressed with her that I checked out her website.

If you want to check her out, too, you can download her single, “I Choose Jesus,” right here for FREE. The rest of her album comes out next month! 


We arrived in time to hear Disciple, a band from Knoxville, Tennessee that has won a few Dove awards for best Christian hard rock album. Disciple hadn’t been on my music radar before. While I don’t mind some Christian rock bands (yes, I have a few Skillet songs on my iPod), Disciple turned out to be a little too much, even for my mostly open mind. Something about pairing “screamo” with “Christian” is kind of weird. Their lyrics, some of which are directly from Psalms, are definitely more positive than secular screamo bands, but at the end of their segment, the guitarist did something that made my son and I both feel sick: he smashed his guitar on the stage and tossed pieces of it out into the audience. Really, guys? Not cool. 

Hawk Nelson...

Hawk Nelson, Christian pop punk band, was up next. They did several songs that the crowd seemed to enjoy. Again, not my thing because it seems a little wild for my taste, but at least they didn’t break their instruments when they were done.


If you enjoy hip-hop and rap, and you’re looking for music within that genre that’s uplifting and Christ-centered, you might check out a guy named LaCrae. He performed next, and seems very sincere. His mission is to reclaim hip-hop and rap for God, and his message is the opposite of most secular hip-hop and rap lyrics that celebrate self-centeredness. In his song, “Go Hard,” one of his lyric lines is, “What’s the point of living if I’m living for myself?” Good question, LaCrae.

Tenth Avenue North...

Tenth Avenue North performed next. They sang their best-known songs, including “By Your Side” and “Love is Here.” Up until this point, the concert felt like the “rock” part of the Rock and Worship Roadshow. When Tenth Avenue arrived on the stage, the mood shifted into a more worshipful environment.


MercyMe, the final band, in my opinion was fantastic – my favorite part of the concert. They really connected with the audience and were intentional about helping people become aware of God’s presence. They sang a brand-new song called “The Hurt and the Healer,” which talks about how we live as Christians amid hurt and suffering, and offers hope, describing the moment when the “hurt and the Healer” collide. Really powerful stuff.

We'll be right back after these messages... 

My biggest pet peeve when going to Christian concerts is they subject their audiences to “infomercials” in an attempt to raise money. I believe in helping others and defending causes and donating money to people who need it. But when I’m at a concert and just want to enjoy the music, the infomercials are annoying. Know what I mean?

Well, that sums it up. Did any of you go to the Rock and Worship Roadshow? Would you go to a concert like this? Why or why not? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


MercyMe singing the song, "I Can Only Imagine"


+3 #1 40daysoffasting 2012-07-06 22:41
wow. i guess the guitarist in disciple was on a substance and broke his guitar.

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