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Bonus: Musical Balloons
by Tonya Ball


Get a number of balloons, and have only one that is an odd color from the rest. (You might use all green balloons, and one red.) Write questions/statements about a certain topic, and put them inside each balloon. The odd-color balloon should have a piece of paper that asks the person to lead the group in a blessing prayer.

How to do it:
Seat all the participants in a circle. Explain that this is like musical chairs except no one is going to get squashed and no chairs are going to be broken. Instead you will begin the music and they will pass the balloons to the right.

When the music stops, the person with the odd-color balloon must take one of the other balloons and pop it. He or she is to read the statement on the piece of paper and then respond to the group.

If you have seven in your group, it's best to have about 15 balloons and replenish them as they get popped. When you get down to an equal number of balloons to people, then you'll begin to eliminate the person who has to pop the balloon—-have him or her respond and then move out of the circle.

When the last person remains, he or she pops the odd-color balloon and prays as directed.

This game is good because it gets people to open up and reveal themselves in a way that does not appear heavy. It gives a chance for people to reveal their feelings.

Bonus: If you number the balloons and have them broken in a specific order, they can provide leading questions or verses for the lesson.

By Adapted from: http://mcdonaldroad.org/kids/Sabbath.html


+2 #1 LilRapunzel 2012-04-26 12:48
I love it! These games are perfect to help my bible club!

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