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Bonus: Dynamic Duo
by Tonya Ball

1. Tie a sturdy string about three feet long between two table or chair legs. Leave some slack in the string.

2. Fill two plastic film containers (or other small containers) with equal amounts of clay, coins, or washers for weight.

3. Cut the hooks off two wire clothes hangers, leaving horizontal stubs of wire at the bottom of the hooks. Tape the hooks securely to the tops of the film containers.

4. Hang your pendulums on the string several inches apart.

5. Gently pull back on one of the pendulums and let it go. It will start the other pendulum swinging! Then watch how the two pendulums influence each other.

6. Read Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 about the importance of friendships. Is your influence on your friends good or bad?

By Adapted from www.exploratorium.edu/snacks

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