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Idea #46: "What Did You See?"
by Tonya Ball

One person goes out of the room, and the rest decide on a Bible story. After they decide, Person A walks back into the room and says, "Nora, what did you see?" Let's say they decided on Moses crossing the Red Sea. Nora comes up with something that she might have seen if she had been there, such as, "I saw a large body of water." Person A tries to guess the story. If the guess is wrong, he/she asks the next player. "Jamie, what did you see?" Jamie replies, "Lots of red." The game keeps going until Person A finally guesses the story. Then the person who gave the last clue trades places with Person A. To make it easier and more fun, use all of the senses, such as smell and hearing. For instance, you could say you smelled a lot of salt.

By Esther Corina Gow-Lee

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