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Idea #36: Bible Dash
by Tonya Ball

Choose one leader who is not on either team. Before the game, the leader makes a list of Bible verses containing a word that is drawable, and writes down how many words from the beginning that word is. (The leader should be sure to write down the answer for each verse!)

Divide players into two teams. You will need at least 3-4 people on each team to make it work right, but this game can be played with as many people as you want, as long as the teams are even. It is more fun the more people you have.

Have each team sit in chairs placed in two single-file lines. Give the last person in line on both teams a Bible. 

The leader tells a verse and says how many words from the beginning. For example, "Exodus 40:25, fifth word from the beginning." The person holding the Bible will then look up the verse and find the chosen word. (In the example, the word is "lamps.") They whisper that word to the person in front of them, and that person will whisper it to the person in front of them, and so on. 

As soon as the person in the very front hears the word, they will run up to a whiteboard, chalkboard, or table with paper for each team. They will then draw that object, and the leader should be able to tell what it is. As soon as they're done, they will run back to their seat and sit down. Whoever sits first will earn a point for their team. 

The whole line will move up, so the person who just drew goes to the back to look up the next verse. This game can be played as long as desired, and whichever team gets the most points wins. 

This game is fun because it's a mixture of Telephone and Pictionary. Sometimes the drawings will end up being nothing like what was mentioned in the verse. Have fun!

By Carly Sim

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